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 Colorado School of Mines High Performance Computing The Golden Energy Computing Organization

 The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) has acquired and maintains a high performance computing (HPC) cluster, RA.Mines.Edu, bringing a new dimension of capability to research in the energy sciences. RA is administered by the Golden Energy Computing Organization (GECO). This facility is a national hub for computational inquiries aimed at the discovery of new ways to meet the energy needs of our society. As the performance of leadership computing facilities continue to advance, it will become increasingly vital to invest in such discipline specific nodes to bridge between the top tier platforms and smaller clusters.

The machine represents a new concept in computing at CSM. Mio is a shared resource funded in part by the CSM Administration and in part by money from individual researchers. Mio came on line March 2010. Initially was a relatively small cluster dedicated to a single group of research projects. We expect that Mio will quickly grow in to a supercomputing class machine.

The Mio concept is simple. CSM funds provide the infrastructure discussed above and individual professors purchase compute nodes that are added to the cluster. The professors own their nodes, that is, they have exclusive access when they need them. When they are not in use by the owners the nodes are available for use by others.

Institution capabilities include: 

                RA - 23 Tflop (being retired)

                Mio - 25 Tflop (122 Node “condo” computer with nodes purchased by individual researchers.  Expected to grow in size over the next few years)

                MC2 - 104 Tflop IBM Blue Gene Q, 512 nodes

                AUN - 50 Tflop IBM iDataPlex, 144 Nodes

RMACC Lead: Tim Kaiser
Some our researchers (PIs): Alexandra Newman, Amadeu Sum, Anthony M. Dean, Branden Kappes, Cristian Ciobanu, D.V. Griffiths, David M. Wood, David Munoz, David Wu, Hossein Kazemi , Ivar Reimanis, Lincoln Carr, Mahadevan Ganesh, Mark Coffey, Mark Lusk , Mark Maupin, Mike Moone , Paul Sava, Reed Maxwell, Tim Kaiser, Xiaolong Yin, Zeev Shayer, Zhigang Wu.

 The Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado School of Mines is a public research university located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, CO. Their research has an emphasis on energy and environmental stewardship with a broad expertise in resource exploration, extraction, production and utilization. CSM's curriculum is dedicated to engineering and applied science. Recently, the research department was awarded with the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers given by President Barack Obama to Mines Professor Ryan O’Hayre and three Mines faculty members were given the NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award.

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