This page contains slides from presentations given at previous High Performance Computing Symposiums.


HPC 101- Tim Kaiser- Presentations can be found at

Hadoop, HDFS and Pig- Karina Hauser

Data Management with Globus- Steve Tuecke

Parallel Computing with Matlab- Shelley Knuth- Presentation can be found at 

Best Practices for Data Management- Shelley Knuth and Andrew Johnson

Shell Programming with BASH- Pete Ruprecht

Bash Programming- Pete Ruprecht

iPython Notebook- Shelley Knuth

Intro to Linux- Pete Ruprecht

Intro to Linux Session 2, Files/Filesystems/Data- Pete Ruprecht

Intro to Data Management- Shelley Knuth

Python for Matlab Users- Shelley Knuth

MatPlotLib- Tim Dunn and Bruce Loftis

An Introduction to Apache Spark- Dan Milroy and Zeb Sampedro

2016 Presentations

Irene Qualters Keynote RMACC_August2016.pdf

Programming with Bash BashProgRMACC16.pdf

Optimizing your Code for Summit SummitOpt-RMACC16-talk.pdf

Reading and Writing Large Files in Parallel RMACC2016_ParallelIO.pdf

Open MP


Intel Everyscale Seager-EveryScale4RMACCv1.pdf

XSEDE XSEDE-R8-Presentation.pdf

Intel- Vectorize or Performance Dies Vectorize-or-Performance-Dies--Tune-for-the-Latest-AVX-SIMD.pdf

Intel Insepctor Intel Inspector-webinar.pdf

Intel Libraries Intel_Libraries_Overview_rmacc_final.pdf

Intel VTune Amplifier Intel VTune Amplifier-Show.pdf

Intro to SciViz RMACC_2016_IntroToSciViz.pdf

Intel Compiler Optimization compiler_otpimization_rmacc_presented.pdf

Raspberry Pi RMACC WyPi.pdf

Data Processing with R

 Research Data Reproductibility Reproducibiliy seminar KMD_Aug2016.pdf





Supercomputing in Plain English Overview- Henry Neeman

Parallel Programming for Beginners- Henry Neeman

Developing the HPC Workforce- Henry Neeman

Everyday Git- Jonathon Anderson

Hadoop/Pig- Karina Hauser

Intel: Moore's Law and a Scalable System Framework- Charles Wuischpard

Mellanox: Paving the Road to Exascale- Scot Schultz

Mellanox: Introduction to InfiniBand- Kurt Rago

Panel Discussions:

Building a Technical Resume - Patty Lopez

Navigating a Computing Career - Patty Lopez

Future Computational Paradigms- Michael Walker and Monte Lunacek

Best Practices for Data Management- Andrew Johnson and Shelley Knuth

Introduction to Janus- Shelley Knuth and Pete Ruprecht

High Performance Networking- Marla Meehl, John Hernandez, Pete Siemsen, Conan Moore, Tyler Schoenke, Alex Hsia


Technical Talks:

Ajay Rajaskharan

Dmitry Vassilyev

Partner Institution Presentations and Publications

School of Mines GECO Publications

Colorado State University Publications

University of Wyoming Publications