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Research Computing at Boise State is a centralized support department under the Office of Information Technology and Division of Research, that supports the cyberinfrastructure needs of researchers at the University.  

Research Computing liaisons with researchers, centers and colleges to provide communication on emerging technologies and services. The department engages in outreach to build trust and develop a willingness to turn to centralized resources instead of funding and duplicating the established Boise State cyberinfrastructure services.

Boise State offers free storage and virtual serves to researches in support of their research projects.  Research Computing partners with the university library and the Office of Sponsored Projects to support the templates on DMP Tool to produce Data Management Plans for grant submittals.

Research Computing offers two centralized HPC clusters to researchers;

Kestrel is a 32-node CPU/GPU cluster acquired through a NSF MRI grant.  It is available to researchers at Boise State University including students and graduate students affiliated with a research project.  It is part of a 5’ by 8’ visualization wall.

The R1 cluster is a 16-node CPU/GPU cluster, located at the Idaho National Labs, connected to the University over the 10G Regional Optical Network (RON) – IRON.

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Boise State Research

As an emerging Metropolitan Research University of Distinction, Boise State University is committed to fostering an environment where exceptional research and creative activity thrive.

The university has well developed and productive research programs in such diverse areas as sensor development, biomolecular research, novel materials, health and public policy, geochemistry and geophysics, raptor studies, high-tech economic development, nanoelectronics and integrated systems, and school improvement in math and sciences. Excellence and innovation are the hallmarks of creative activity in music, arts, theatre and literature.

Boise State faculty conduct externally funded studies in Idaho and around the globe. Their research contributes to addressing some of the major health, environmental, technological and social issues of the day.


Many research endeavors at Boise State are interdisciplinary in nature and also involve collaborations with other universities, industry or with public organizations. Boise State students at both the undergraduate and graduate level are integrally involved in university research, and have many opportunities to work alongside faculty on funded projects. The National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S Department of Education are among agencies that fund university projects.